How to update `discovery.zen.fd.timeout` dynamically?

Hello, I'm currently using ES 2.3.2

I wanted to update discovery.zen.fd.timeout dynamically like below:

PUT /_cluster/settings
    "persistent": {
        "discovery.zen.fd.timeout": "10s"

But It doesn't work. The only way I can do is modifying config/elasticsearch.yml and Rolling Restart.

How can I change it dynamically so that I avoid Rolling Restart.


You can't, it's not a dynamic setting.

Thank you for answering every time when I ask :wink:

OK. But, I'm wondering why it is not a dynamic updatable configuration while discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes can be changed dynimacally.

Could you please explain the reason? Thanks in advanced.

I don't know sorry.

OK! Thank you :wink:

Can you try with 5.2.1 and if it is still not being updatable, open a feature request on GitHub?

Yes, It is not dynamically updatable.

I've opened a feature request:


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