Bug report regarding time zone in Kibana

Hi Team,

Deployed Kibana 8.12.0 and Elasticsearch 8.12.0 as Docker container. for that used custom docker file to install tzdata here is the Docker file

USER root
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y tzdata --no-install-recommends
USER kibana
ENV TZ=Asia/Kolkata
CMD kibana 

Checked time on both containers by exec.

[dev@node ~]$ docker exec -it es date
Fri Feb  2 12:29:46 IST 2024
[dev@node ~]$ docker exec -it kibana date
Fri Feb  2 12:29:52 IST 2024

When I schedule the backup from Kibana UI the cron job showing improper time for that cron expression.

Here is the Example, I want to fire job at 03:00PM every day then the cron expression should be 0 0 15 ? * * But in Kibana UI showing different schedule time we can see that below screenshot



Hi, bug reports can be filed in our Kibana repo: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub