Schedule backup using kibana

Hi Team,

I schedule a job on Kibana to take schedule backup. the job should be fire every day 15:00pm for that my cron expression is 0 0 15 ? * * but on Kibana it is showing 08:30pm



Cron jobs in Kibana are scheduled based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). If your local timezone is ahead of UTC, that might explain why the job is running at a different time than you expected.

For example, if your timezone is UTC+5:30 (like Indian Standard Time), a cron job scheduled to run at 15:00 UTC would actually run at 20:30 local time.


Hi @yago82 we can see time zone on above screenshot GMT +5:30 that mean UTC +5:30 Same

and we can see last modified valid time and date.

Sorry, probably i don't see the problem, but 8,30 PM - 5,30 = 3PM that is 15.00

Okay as you said '8,30 PM- 5,30 =3PM' but why are you doing that with -5,30.
Can you Please elaborate what are you trying to say?

i think you have to modify your cron 15-5,30 and then see when it starts

Hey @yago82 Thanks for your time, Is there any way to change time zone on Kibana docker container? Normally we can add TZ=Asia/Kolkata as env but in this case the unable to reflect that on Kibana container. even unable to find local time or time zone files on Kibana container.