Specify timezone when trigger watchers

Hi there,

I am using watcher to aggregate data, our elasticsearch instance is using utc time zone.

Is it possible to specify the time based on timezone, the reason I am asking it because that there are day light saving and the time it trigger really matters.

For example, I want to a watcher to run at 12PM US/EAST time, for now, it is 17 UTC, but when the day light saving is done, 17 UTC becomes 13 US/EAST, and I want the watcher to run at 12 US/EAST time all the time.

Is there a feature to specify the timezone when schedule a watcher job without changing the timezone of the elasticsearch instance? If not, is there a plan to add such feature?

Thanks in advance

You should try to look for crontab exection

"trigger": {
    "schedule": {
      "cron": "* * * * * ?"

Advanced cron can maybe solve it, i dont know much about timezones on Kibana

Thanks for your reply.
There are several things which can do the trigger besides crontab, I am not looking for how to trigger the job, I am looking for if there is any feature which supports specifying timezone?

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