Bug Report

So I'm sure you all are well aware of the bug in Kibana under the visualizations tab. An error is generated stating that the listing limit of 100 has been exceeded when the listing limit actually defaults to 1000. Now, I have seen on Github where this issue has been closed due to the fact that all the visualizations still appear.

This issue needs to be reopened.

The problem occurs when a kibana user attempts to delete unneeded visualizations. The visualizations appear to be deleted... but quickly re-appear. This is beyond frustrating as it prevents the Kibana admin from keeping the UI clean. Please investigate.

Thanks for bringing this to our notice. Can you please link the bug which you were referring to in github. Which version of the stack are you on ?


I am also facing same issue. I am using 7.2 version. Below are screenshots. I have 256 visualizations while listingLimit value set default to 1000. Even after change this limit , error still coming.

@timroes is this a known limitation ? Can you please help here ?

I am on 7.2. The issue was posted in github and I found via a google search. I’ll try to find it again later today. Please let me know if you are able to find it as well.

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