Limitation for Kibana Visualization

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Is there a limitation for displaying kibana visualization. I have a kibana installed with version
Version: 5.4.2 and i have around 100+ visualization created but kibana refuses to display anything after 100 results. Is this kind of a max result in kibana? I can search for it though using the search filter but it won't allow me to go further 100 results in UI.


Display this where?

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Under the visualization windows on Kibana UI. Attaching the screenshot.

If you see in my screenshot the Visualization tab shows

that i have only 100 visualizations but i am actually having more than that and kibana is not displaying there but if i navigate to the settings page and look for saved objects i can see that it finds more visualization there. Let me know if i was not clear in explaining


That's clear, thanks for the screenshot too!


This issue has been fixed in the following PR:
in version 5.5.0 and above.

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