Bug!? Scripted Field Editing is not possible if Name have spaces like "This is a test"

Hi ES Team,

I found a bug (looks like a bug) which occurs to Kibana version 7.3.1 (not tested in other versions)

Here is what I did:

  • add a Scripted Field
  • Name: This is a test
  • painless
  • string
  • string

if (!doc.containsKey('Status.keyword') || doc['Status.keyword'].empty) { return "unavailable" } else { return doc['Status.keyword'].value }


If I now try to edit my new field, this error message comes up:

'my_index' index pattern doesn't have a scripted field called 'This%20is%20a%20test'

If it is already acknowledged please ignore, if not please check :slight_smile:

Thanks and regards

I tested this on 7.6.2 and was not able to reproduce and I was unable to find any related ticket. Though, I have not heard of this issue, it's possible it was fixed in an unrelated PR.

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