BUG: Tables from lenses - Kibana Dashboards

Hi, I've got the following table that has 3 categories (text of: 2021,2022,2023).

Each category has data (like the screenshot). However, when I apply a filter to see only one year, the table looks blank, even though when all the categories are there it shows something...
What could it be?

you should consider converting the field to keyword or long, i can see the value is in float 2**.**021.

or you may consider copy the date filed in new field and format edit the format from the data view of that field and YYYY.

Hi, thanks for the quick answer!
Originaly the field was long, so I changed it before indexing to keyword, but still it wouldn't work.
Then I considered for the table using the date and YYYY, but still when I would use the control year (keywork) it would show empty in some occasions...
Also, I noticed than when I filter by date, the table also shows blank (no filters selected, just the dashboard time).

first you need to verify few things .

  1. which field you have selected as @timestamp in data view.

  2. check your condition if you correctly extracted year value of that date field and saved in new_date_field you can use runtime field or any method you like to do that.

  3. there is no empty field in the new_date if there is then you have some issue in the logic.

  4. value of new_date_field "2024" it should saved like this as keyword.

consider sharing the screen shot data example so we can do debug on this

It seems that some of the data records do not contain a value or the value was not copied into that YYYY field you are using in table.

If I am guessing correctly, you are using a different date field in @timestamp from the table field one which you are trying to filter out

First, verify if the timestamp field in the data view is different from the one you are using in the table.

i will suggest to create the runtime field or you may use logstash to get the year from the timestamp field and save it as keyword.

follow this elastic discussion to write the script to get year out of date field

Hi! I did what you suggested, but still it doesn't work. The data view is linked to the field 'date_observed' (and it literally is the only date field in the index).
On this picture, you can see that the year matches the 'long' field (I prefered it over keyword, and have the same issue if it's keyword).


  1. The data field is selected in the dataview.
  2. I extracted the year value in python and have it in long and keyword just in case.
  3. There are no empty fields.
  4. Within the lens editor if I filter by selecting the year, it shows things, but if I filter by the time it looks blank (I know the specific date and regardless it looks empty...).
  5. The other lenses do filter and show info when filtered by year category or by time range.

@aram215, if you haven't already, you could submit a bug report here.