Build Instructions and Communication

(Chirag) #1

I'm interested to work on Speed up Highlighting idea for GSoC 2018.
Where can I find the build instructions?
And is the #elasticsearch channel on freenode is correct medium to discuss this project or is there a mailing list or slack?

(xeraa) #2


You mean build instructions for Elasticsearch? The best starting point should be

For general Elasticsearch questions the #elasticsearch IRC channel on Freenode is great. If you have a specific question about Elasticsearch then is the best place (it's kind of our mailing list by now).
And please keep any GSoC specific questions in Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(Saheed) #3

Hello. I made a PR and it failed because I did not sign the license. I have later done that. But I don't know what to do. It is still marked failed

(xeraa) #4

Do you have a link to the PR?

This is something we should get fixed, but it doesn't make a real difference for the GSoC application — we can still judge your abstract and PR, so don't worry too much about it.

(Saheed) #5

(xeraa) #6

Generally PRs should always be against master and we'll backport the relevant branches; with the obvious exception that something only needs fixing in a specific branch, but that's not the case for this doc fix.

IMO the easiest approach would be to close this PR and open a new one against master. Then the CLA check should also pass (if you are using the same email address for the commit).