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Is it possible to specify only one OS and/or only archive in the command "npm run build" ?
We work with Kibana 5.3.

Ex npm run build -- --os=linux-x86_64 --only-archive


(Lee Drengenberg) #2

Hi Sébastien,

I think you want to use --skip-os-packages and that should only create the tar.gz and zip.


(Sébastien Roul) #3

Thank that's the oppisit i'd like : only tar for one distribution...

(Lee Drengenberg) #4

I think that's as granular as the build parameters go. That --skip-os-packages makes it skip the .deb and .rpm packages.

If you wanted to only build a single package you might have to modify tasks\config\platforms.js (I'm on master so it might not be the same as 5.3)

You could file an issue to request parameters for individual build outputs, or if you figure out what to change you could submit a pull request to add the option.


(Sébastien Roul) #5

Ok thanks and sorry for being confuse about this option.

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