Kibana build from source always include xpack


I am trying to build kibana 6.6 from source and would like to have only standard features (withoutht X-Pack feature). But somehow, when I run
node scripts/build --oss
X-pack aways being built... Is there other option I should put to skip X-pack build?

And additional question is we are trying to setup a Kibana build environment from the git source. I talked to our team members, and we may need some more information which I am not able to find from any document.

Is there a specific Linux and version required to build Kibana 6.6? Would CentOs Linux works?
Is there any other dependencies? From the document, I only see ruby-dev and fpm.

apt-get install ruby-dev rpm
gem install fpm -v 1.5.0

Since our build system are really restrict from download outside packages across the proxy, is there a way to skip download packages from the build commands? And if we skipped, what are the packages we need to pre-download / pre-setup?
And is there any commands or options which we can use to include the installed plugins in the build files?

Thank you so much!

X-Pack will be built, but it will not be included in the target. This is no longer being done starting in 7.2 due to This is really just an optimization of the build process.

Thank you for your reply.
When I just run node scripts/build --oss besides x-pack build thing, I also found the build process is trying to download some package from the network.

One is node.js, by adding the skip node option, it still try to connect to the network to verify the node version.

Another is inside x-pack canvas, it is also trying to download some package.

Do you know what else should I need? Is there any document? Since we have some proxy settings in our network, would get local issuer error if any download is required during build process......

And as far as I know so far, the build would need

  1. apt-get install ruby-dev rpm
  2. gem install fpm -v 1.5.0
  3. node -v 10.15.2

Also, what is the Linux environment I should use? Is there a specific Linux required to make it work? Would CentOs Linux?

Thank you so much!

Any Linux environment should work fine, our CI environment is Ubuntu.

As far as a list of packages which are downloaded, that is not something we currently track. The other big thing would be the actual node packages downloaded from NPM and

Great! Thank you so much!

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