Building Custom Elastic Synthetics Dashboards

I'm using Elastic Cloud, v8.8.2.

I'm receiving a request to create an executive dashboard based on Elastic Uptime and Elastic Synthetics data. This dashboard would group related applications into an easy-to view format, preferably with a configurable red/yellow/green stoplight to easily view status (again, high-level overview).

However, I'm not finding information on how to do this.

Are there any tutorials on building custom synthetics dashboards or sample dashboards?


Hi @DougR. There is a stoplight example in Canvas by installing the Logs sample data. Or you can see it here.

However, Canvas is a presentation plugin that is distinct from Dashboards. I think the only way to create a truly customizable stop light in Dashboards would be with a Vega visualization which is completely customizable but has a steep learning curve.

Hi @DougR @nickpeihl

Pretty Sure you can do this with Lens Heat Maps and Custom Color Ranges

Here is mine ... sorry no service down ... but works good / cool I think

Lens - Heatmap

Vertical Monitor Name

Cell Value

You could also probably do metrics... or some form of Bar Graphs etc


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