Building Elasticsearch with Eclipse

Hello, I'm trying to build Elasticsearch under Eclipse. I've followed the instructions found in

  • I've run ./gradlew eclipse to configure the IDE
  • I've increased heap to 2048 in eclipse.ini
  • I've got Java 10
  • I've tried both Eclipse oxygen and photon

Eclipse is reporting 83 errors and 6653 warnings. There are errors in two Tuple<> assignments in

public void testNonRemotableRequestDoesNotAllowRemoteIndices() {
    IndicesOptions options = IndicesOptions.fromOptions(true, false, false, false);
    Tuple<TransportRequest, String> tuple = randomFrom(
            new Tuple<>(new CloseIndexRequest("remote:foo").indicesOptions(options), CloseIndexAction.NAME),
            new Tuple<>(new DeleteIndexRequest("remote:foo").indicesOptions(options), DeleteIndexAction.NAME),
            new Tuple<>(new PutMappingRequest("remote:foo").indicesOptions(options), PutMappingAction.NAME)

Same errors on Lines 1133-36 and 1145-48,
Cannot infer type arguments for Tuple<> /:x-pack:plugin:security/src/test/java/org/elasticsearch/xpack/security/authz line 1134 Java Problem

Then there are 79 more errors in BatsOverVagrantTask.groovy, JarHellTask.groovy, LoggerUsageTask.groovy, VagrantCommandTask.groovy, and more. The errors are all similar:
Groovy:Abstract method 'org.gradle.process.BaseExecSpec setStandardOutput(' is not implemented but a method of the same name but different return type is defined: method 'org.gradle.api.tasks.AbstractExecTask setStandardOutput(' JarHellTask.groovy /:build-tools/src/main/groovy/org/elasticsearch/gradle/precommit line 1 Java Problem

I can build and run the program from the command line using ./gradlew run

Thank you

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