Bus factor study for ElasticSearch

Hi, my name is Mikhail Evtikhiev, I am a researcher at JetBrains Research. We are currently doing a scientific study in order to better understand the knowledge distribution in the software projects. As a result of this study, we want to create a tool that will use Git data to provide information on who is knowledgeable about certain files or folders, and highlight which parts of the project are understood by too few people. In order to validate our approach, we would like to learn the engineers' opinions on the knowledge distribution for some of the folders of the Elasticsearch project you are actively contributing to. We will aggregate your opinions to create an anonymized dataset that will be processed according to our policy, later open-sourced and probably used for the research purposes by other scientists.

In this survey, we will ask you several general sociodemographic questions, and then we will ask you about your opinion on who is knowledgeable about the project and its certain parts. We believe this data can be used to assess the health of the project, and, if you are interested, we can afterwards privately send you the assessment of your project health as generated by our tool.
If you are interested in participating, please reach out to me at mikhail.evtikhiev at jetbrains.com

I've shared this internally, see what sort of response you get :slight_smile:

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