Bypassing the updating script.max_size_in_bytes in ES 6.5.2


I'm currently ingesting data into ES, but facing this issue:

// Scripts may be no longer than 16384 characters. The passed in script is 16887 characters. Consider using a plugin if a script longer than this length is a requirement.

I found that the script.max_size_in_bytes can be changed dynamically in ES 7.0. However, in my current use cases, I don't think that upgrade to ES 7.0 is a good idea because I have to dump a lot of data after the upgrading process.

Does ES 6.5.2 provide any settings that I can configure to bypass the script.max_size_in_bytes? I mean that ES only receives 16384 characters from the script and cutoff the rest, so that I can re-ingest only the missing data?

Thank you.

There isn't a way in 6.5.2 to increase the max script size. The entire request would be rejected when the script fails to compile due to this error. I recommend doing a thorough review of your script to decrease its length, as 16k is an enormous script.

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