Bytes not showing proper human readable

I have daily value which is in bytes but not properly getting converted to Human readable format

{ "totalsize": 17439122738118656 }

this is = 17.4 PB

now when I try to draw that up in kibana it shows only 15.5PB.

What am I doing wrong?

We are actually showing Pebibytes the actual calculation of Bytes

Pb = 17439122738118656 / 1024^5 = 15.489052474498749

So technically the the Label / Units should be PiB I suppose...

is there something I can do to show up actual petabyte which is everyone is used to seeing.

You should be able to get the right label

What version are you using.

Kibana -> Stack Management -> Advance Settings

I had only b putting bb will give me Pib but is there a way to make it "Petabyte" and not "pebibyte"

I am using 7.10.1

Ahh see here

You can format as you desire.

You can use 0,0.[0]bd will display what you want... just make sure you understand the differences...

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You are Star @stephenb

That is exactly I needed.

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