Calculate increments in a specific field

With the new funcionality Logstash-Api in Logstash 5.2.1 I have the need of represent in kibana the number of but I don´t like the cumulative sum (that i can get with timelion) I would wish represent the increment of the number of envents that enter along the logstash.

For example:
with http poller I get field every minute:
0,2,2,6 (in the inicial time i have 0 events throught logstash, in the second and third minute, i have 2 events also, in the 4º minute logstash had processed 6 events since start...)

I need to visualize the increments: 0,2,0,4

It´s possible? Some ideas?

Try adding .derivative() to the end of your timelion expression? That should only plot the deltas between adjacent points.

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