Timelion for .monitoring-logstash index

Hi Team,

I'm trying to create a timelion visualisation for the delta of the 'logstash_stats.events.out' field from the system index .monitoring-logstash*. The problem is that nothing is displayed for this index when I create the visualisation.

If i use this query which seems fairly simple, I get no data

.es(index='.monitoring-logstash*', metric='max:logstash_stats.events.out', timefield='@timestamp')

The query I'm trying to get working eventually is

.es(index='.monitoring-logstash*', metric='max:logstash_stats.events.out', timefield='@timestamp',).subtract(.es(index='.monitoring-logstash*', metric='max:logstash_stats.events.out', timefield='@timestamp', offset='-1m'))

Is this a limitation of Kibana not being able to use the system index in the timelion or am I doing something wrong?


The timefield should be just timestamp. Try that and see if it helps

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