Timelion shows 0 count in .monotoring-* indices

There are .monitoring indices in elasticsearch, but timelion shows 0 count in all of them

green open .monitoring-es-2-2017.06.15 pFz6Q-zmR124GWlrBndM4A 1 1 2549064 30425 2.9gb 1.4gb
green open .monitoring-es-2-2017.06.16 3bEfPiWCRHyT8CLNZdv5lw 1 1 1436472 21735 1.7gb 911.5mb
green open .monitoring-kibana-2-2017.06.15 _xQOnYqdQaCghi2prEEP9w 1 1 8638 0 3.7mb 1.8mb
green open .monitoring-kibana-2-2017.06.16 JrM9z4xfQ1mnS0Eiwfi2Tw 1 1 4804 0 2.1mb 1mb
green open .monitoring-logstash-2-2017.06.15 hXEfMPaNQe6G_TNqglZtPQ 1 1 17276 0 8.6mb 4.3mb
green open .monitoring-logstash-2-2017.06.16 FMAGgHC5Sc6CD9JY0ZH7Rg 1 1 9606 0 4.6mb 2.3mb

However count is 0 in timelion for all of them. E.g:

Do I do something wrong?

Hi @Nikolay_Shushkin

Did you configure timelion:es.timefield to be timestamp in Kibana's Advanced Settings? It's @timestamp by default and to query the monitoring indices, you will need to change that as shown below.

After you've changed the setting, start querying the .monitoring index by

.es(index='.monitoring-es-2-*', timefield='timestamp', metric='avg:node_stats.indices.segments.count')

You can switch the index with logstash monitoring index, and choose the specific field that you want to visualize.

For more examples, please visit the Timelion getting started guide.


Thank you Bohyun.

I hope got the problem.
But don't you think that only one of the actions has to be done:
either change timelion:es.timefield to be timestamp
or always use timefield='timestamp' in .es queries
It works as I can see.

Anyway, thanks again.

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