Calculate ratio beetwin count and unique count


I have a list of tickets for a computeur support.
I would have in a tab the ratio beetwin the count of exchange and the unique count of ticket number, for different typologies, like that:


Is it possible in a tab ?



I suppose this topic is related to you. Only with kibana seems impossible unfortunately, but transform may be a possible solution.

Hi @Fred59 ,

another option you can consider is Lens formula:

unique_values( myField ) / count()

to know more about Lens Formulas you can have a look at the guide, which includes some nice examples: Create visualizations with Lens | Kibana Guide [7.16] | Elastic

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The option looks great. Thanks for adding that.

This is an example on kibana_sample_data_flights.

thanks but it's desable on my hoster :frowning:

thanks but it's desable too on my hoster :frowning:

Which version of the stack do you have?

I think i will use that:

It should be possible to install that on my hoster :slight_smile:

Kibana 6.8.23

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