Calculate the difference of two entries

for each user we log a message to Elastic when an application starts and stops.

With one application we have currently troubles, as at some users, the application crashes.

Therefore, I need a simple way to subtract the app-starts from the app-stops and group this by the user. If the number is grather than 1 (as it might be that the app is currently running and not yet stopped) we have an hit.

I played around with many visualization charts as also with timelion.

This was my best effort, but grouping (splitting) inside the logStarted brings wrong results and at the end a grouping seems not be possible.

".es(q=logStarted).subtract(.es(q=logEipShutdown)).if(gt, 1).abs()"

Any help is welcome.

Hi @bruecp,

Have you tried with the scripted fields?

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