Calculating packet loss

Hello everyone, i'm very new to ELK stack. I am running a home lab for testing.

I’m using heartbeat to monitor endpoints availability by ping.

Is there a way to calculate the percentage of packet loss. Can’t seem to find a way :slight_smile:

Hi @svenvg93 Welcome to the community.

Perhaps Take a look this thread it takes about network packet drops (which are collected by metricbeat) as well as some other topcs like Jitter etc.

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Thanks for your answer!
Not really what I was looking for.

Im testing ELK to replace our current log system. But we wanted also to replace Smokeping, was hoping heartbeat could do that. But it seems it is have not all the same the futures, like showing packet loss. Which we need as a hosting company to check our interconnects. Will check if there is a otherway to use ELK for that.

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