Can a passport strategy be used for kibana?

Hi, I am trying to implement a kibana plugin to protect kibana. The logic is simple, when a user tries to access kibana, and he/she hasn't authenticated, then the page will be redirected to a login page, and then redirected back to kibana home page once authenticated.

Is it possible to use a passport strategy to authenticate kibana users? AFAIK, passport strategy applies to express web framework only, while kibana uses hapi. Is it correct? Any suggestions or comments? Thanks.

Kibana uses hapi.js

Have you seen x-pack and the security features it provides? I would caution against home solutions since they may not have an upgrade path as Kibana changes from version to version.

Thanks for the response.

I know x-pack, but it isn't free, so I am not going to use it for now.

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