Is it possible to auth kibana with kibana-plugin?

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is it possible to auth kibana with coding a kibana plugin?

or another way

is kibana plugin system support authentication?

thanks for your answer.

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i don't really understand the question, but in general you can do a lot with plugins :slight_smile:
but just as a reminder, there is a big chance new version of kibana won't work with your plugin and you will need to constantly keep it up to date.

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thanks for your reply
what i want is a security solution for Kibana. for example ,to auth kibana with username and password.

i suppose plugin can help me to do this.?

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there is x-pack which has a security for elasticsearch and kibana.
i think there are also some 3rd party plugins, so unless you really want something specially designed for your use case i would suggest you to not write your own

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Can you recommend some plugin?

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x-pack for sure, its the only one supported by elastic

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ok,, then is it possible writing a kibana security plugin for a nodejs developer?

since i noticed kibana plugin is coded with nodejs

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yes, kibana server side is nodejs and frontend is js (angular and react)

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sorry ,i donot understand 'yes' in your sentence

did it point to the fact kibana is writen in nodejs?

or point to the question if one can written a security plugin ,without hacking kibana

thank you

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it pointed toe the fact kibana is written in nodeJS, however the answer to can one write a kibana security plugin is yes as well :slight_smile:

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