Enabling security in Kibana without X-pack

I am new to Elasticsearch and Kibana. I am using version 6.8.0 for both Kibana and Elasticsearch. I have a multi-node cluster and I want to add security to Kibana. So after reading the documentation, I got to know that if I use x-pack then I will need to perform a full cluster restart. So is there any way to add a login page to Kibana only without using x-pack?
Will writing a custom login plugin for Kibana will work?

Hello Ashwin,

I would think writing a custom plugin to handle security would be hypothetically possible but impractical. The x-pack security plugin's usage isn't isolated to just the plugin itself, it's used throughout kibana.

I don't entirely know your situation, but if your issue is cluster downtime, maybe consider something along the lines of:

  • Stand up a duplicate cluster with security enabled
  • Confirm it's operating as expected
  • Redirect traffic to the new security-enabled cluster
  • Shut down old cluster

This is really just a general suggestion without full knowing your situation. Mostly I would just suggest not writing your own security plugin and exploring alternatives using the existing plugin.


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Hello Aaron.

Thanks for the help.
I am considering to go with the downtime as the cluster duplication will require more hardware.

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