Can I only install X-Pack for Kinbana

(Fei Jiangnan) #1

Hi there,

I installed x-pack for Kibana, Elasticsearch and Logstash twice, and it messed up my ELK twice. To my scenario, I only need protect Kibana.

Can I only install x-pack for Kibana to make user has to login?



(Mujtaba Hussain) #2

I am not sure you can or that you should. All of Kibana details are stored in elasticsearch. All kibana is is essentially a whole heap of amazing javascript.

You should protect the entire cluster and not just a front end as data is being sent between Kibana and ES. You need to protect that level of communication as well.

(Stephen Le Bel) #3

No, Kibana is mostly a set of plugins. x-pack is installed on kibana to support the x-pack in elasticsearch.

(Mark Walkom) #4

If you want to use the Security functionality in X-Pack you need it on both Elasticsearch and Kibana.

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