Why X-Pack required to install with Elasticsearch & Kibana

Why do we need to install X-Pack separately for Elasticsearch & Kibana. Can't we provide a single installation which will install the components with Elastisearch & Kibana?

Also, what is the need of having X-Pack installation for Elasticsearch and Kibana? Is there any specific functionality for which it is required to install in both?

They are separate apps requiring separate commands, calling separate binaries.

One is a datastore, one is the visualisation layer. These are separate.

Hi @warkolm

Thanks for your reply.

Can we segregate the apps on the basis of the separate binaries for Elasticsearch & Kibana?

For Example:- Can we say if we install X-Pack for Elasticsearch we will get Shield for securing ES Cluster, Marvel for monitoring ES Cluster, Graph for providing relationships among ES Index entities?

Can we also say if we install X-Pack for Kibana we will get Shield for securing UI, Graph to provide visualizations on the relationships, New Management Dashboard to manage X-Pack Settings, Upload to CSV option and Reporting features?

I'm not sure what you mean.

You've already pointed out the installs are separate. But you need to install x-pack for both ES and KB.