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I have a question about X-PACK. So to use all the X-PACK features do we need KIbana to be installed with elastic search or we can use without the whole ELK stack.

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(Rohithnama) #2

No, Kibana is not mandatory but that's the preferred way as the whole stack is well integrated. and it also depends on what you want to accomplish using the X-pack.

Without using kibana (as well as logstash), I'm using the ML feature of X-Pack to develop an in-house API to use our own visualization tool. As it is an open source product, you should be able to do the same.

As x-pack is the plugin for elasticsearch, you might want to install and use elasticsearch but need not depend on other two of elastic stack.

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I installed X-pack and elasticsearch and i want to use X-PACK features like Monitoring, Security but i am not able to find a way to use them just by installing elastic search. Because all the examples have kibana as the UI.

(Rohithnama) #4

I'm not really sure how you want to use those features but, yeah, all the current examples only deal with kibana.

The elasticsearch-xpack python repo is what I'm using for ML to use in the way I needed. Using this repo, you should be able to develop your own ways to use Monitoring and Security. This code repo is available in Java, PhP, and many others as well.

I don't think you will find many examples online so you will need to put additional effort in accomplishing your goals without kibana.


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i got for machine learning i am asking for features loike monitoring elastic nodes can we do that without kibana

(Rohithnama) #6

You should be!

If you open the link I mentioned, it has the code repository for Monitoring and security as well. As far as my knowledge, whatever the results kibana is using for visualization, you should be able to retrieve those using the methods in their respective packages.

Remember, Kibana is only for the visualization so if you don't need the visualization layer, there is no need to use it and you will still be good.

The reason for mentioning the ML is because it is one of the plugins similar to monitoring or security so, just like me, you can avoid using Kibana for any feature in x-pack.

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ok thanks @Rohithnama .

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