X-Pack : Monitoring Only?


I'm kinda new to ELK stack.

Currently, i have a cluster of 2 nodes, 3 logstash sources and 1 Kibana.

I would like to install the Monitoring tab in Kibana, and i understood correctly, i need to install X-Pack.

So my question is : is it possible to only install the X-Pack monitoring part? I don't want to have to mess with Authentication, Security, etc. It's already done by ourselves.

If yes, where do i have to install the X-Pack plugin? On ES? Kibana? Logstash? Or everywhere?

Do i need a licence for that? Is it free?

So for the newbie question but i'm kinda lost in the documentation, licensing and install procedure.

Thank you and have a great day ahead :slight_smile:

You need to ask for a basic license (free) or wait for 6.3 which will have a basic license automatically available.

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