Can cross cluster can be spread across multicloud?

Can cross cluster replication be spread across multi cloud environment? Need it to create multi-cloud solution that can be kept in sync.

Short answer is yes.

If you use Elastic Cloud, that's actually pretty simple pretty straightforward.

If you use self-managed there's plenty of details. But yes, at that point The clusters don't really care which cloud provider you're running on, but it'll be plenty of networking etc.

Thanks, for the reply, Is there blog, guide or tutorial on how the configure multicloud (AWS + Azure) CCR setup?

I would start with the basic concepts

Then if you run into specific questions, ask them.

You did not answer if this is self-managed or Elastic Cloud hosted

There is no real dependency on the cloud provider other than you'll have to make sure to open the correct firewalls.

Elastic doesn't really care what cloud provider you're running on. It's the same settings / configuration.

I will add elastic. Cloud is probably much simpler because it can all be done through the interface.

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