Can Elastic Agent ingest from logstash?

I'm trying to ingest data from MongoDB, not database metrics but the data from a collection stored in MongoDB. There's GitHub - phutchins/logstash-input-mongodb: MongoDB input plugin for Logstash, but it's a bit outdated and I would prefer to use the Elastic Agent that already runs on the host for shipping data to ES rather than generate a new XPACK API key.

So, I'm looking for either a way for Elastic Agent to natively read data from a MongoDB database/collection or a way for Logstash to output to Elastic Agent.

I ended up creating a bash script to write data from a MongoDB collection to a file in 'JSON' format. GitHub - dmgeurts/unifi_admin_activity_logs: Trying to find a way to extract Admin Activity logs from a unifi Controller

I then used Custom Logs in Elastic Agent to read this log file, this has worked well so far.