Can Elasticsearch 1.x Discover Clusters on an IP Range?

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I have two Elasticsearch clusters set up on AWS using EC2 servers, sat behind a load balancer. I want to configure AWS to start up new instances when the load hits a certain threshold on the load balancer. Currently I have the Elasticsearch instances speaking to each other with the following config in config/elasticsearch.yml: ["172.x.x.x","172.x.x.x"]

Since the new instance will start up on an indeterminable private IP in the subnet, I was wondering if it was possible to point the config at an IP range so that new clusters could be discovered as they start up. Are there security implications to doing this?

If not, is there another way to achieve the same outcome? I am aware that Elasticsearch is meant to handle load balancing and scaling by itself, however this is part of a larger solution and specified in security specifications of my partner on the project.

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