Can elasticsearch do GROUP BY and ORDER BY count?

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Let's say I have dictionary application where people come and look up word definitions.

Im trying to visualize top N most popular words during some timeframe.

In SQL I would do it possibly like this:

SELECT word, count(*) as cnt FROM lookups GROUP BY word ORDER BY cnt DESC;

So I plan on dumping data into ES in this format for example:


Is aggregate query like that possible with ES?

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You'll want to do a terms aggregation.

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Would I be able to set up those terms aggregations in kibana using some off the shelf chart?

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Yes. On the x axis settings (assuming a line chart; other kinds of visualizations works similarly), split the buckets, choose terms aggregation and the field you want to group by. You may find helpful.

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Fantastic. I was able to launch everything in docker in minutes and get nice visual.
Thank u!

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