Can ELK Dashboard have different filters in visualizations for same Dashboard

I am pretty new to ELK Ecosystem. I have a requirement to filter data to only one view in the dashboard. Others views should not be impacted by the filter applied at the top in the Dashboard. All are associated to same Indices. Is it possible?

Lens allows you to disable global filters. Just open the Lens interface, open the layer settings, and then disable the "Use global filters" toggle.


Thanks for your inputs. We are not enabling lens access to users. For now, we are enabling dashboard view only access to end users. Do we have any other work arounds? Please let me know.

Someone with edit permission in the dashboard could do this configuration and then it will be applied to all users.

You can also add specific filters to each visualization.

For example, I have a dashboard where one of the visualizations needs to have a differente time range filter, it shows all events from the last year, any change on the time range of the dashboard does not impact this visualization.