Can I change an URL template with JSON input field

I'm using Kibana to report my test pass results. I have now added the test devices to my dashboard. The problem is that some of my test devices have generic names, but may be on different servers. So, if I want to see that one generic test device on one generic server, my query now has to have two parts to it, both the test device generic name, plus the server name.

When I display my test device names, I use an URL template so that they're clickable, and take you to that emulator's dashboard. But, since the generically named test devices will all have the same name, when you go to that dashboard you get results of ALL of those generic test devices, not just the one that ran that test. This can easily be solved by just adding an "and" statement and then adding that server to the query. But how do I format an url template in my index such that it takes TWO values, both the name of the emulator and also what server it is on?

Or, can I do this in a script in the JSON input field? If so, how do I access the url template to modify it? Or is there a better way?

Due to an organizational complexity I am not able to easily change these test device names. Otherwise, I'd just do that.

To do this, you could use a scripted field that returns both of the unique values. Something like this:

return doc['test_device_name'].value + '/' + doc['server_name'].value

Then you can create a URL formatter for that scripted field.

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