Can I connect MySQL database to elastic search?

Can I connect a MySQL database with elasticsearch and will I able to make a search engine for organization after learning elasticsearch?
For example : if I type on the search bar "how many employees joined today from Mumbai then it should display the answer same as Google is doing.

So please tell me the steps, how to develop this using elasticsearch?

Welcome to the community @Arun_Sharma

I don't think you can do what you are thinking.

But you can ingest MySQL data into elasticsearch using Logstash JDBC plugin. Then you are able to use all the search functionality against that data. For your specific example you would be able to do queries and visualizations to show how many employees joined today from Mumbai but by entering that in the search bar it wouldn't give you the answer you seek.

It would be more like country.keyword: Mumbai, setting the timefilter to 1 day in Discover and that would return the list of people. Or you can create a metric visualizations that will do all that for you and just show you the number.

Sir Can you please tell me how do I develop this by using other methods.

That's outside the scope of what we can offer here sorry.

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