Can I create a URL link for each data view on the Discover page?

I have multiple data views maintained in Kibana's Discover.
I am happy to switch between data views from the UI on Discover and see the contents of each data view, but I noticed that the URL does not contain any information about the data view.

Is there a good way to get project members to see the Discover page "for this data view"?
For example, can I give each data view a separate URL?

We currently operate by sending the Discover URL, opening the link, and then switching the data view to the desired one, but it confuses the members for a little while if the first data view they see is not the one they want.

You an use the “share” button at the top of the page to generate a link that you can share and send.

Thanks for the reply.

That is exactly the link I am talking about.
This URL does not contain the data view information.

Please create two data views to try and create a URL for sharing in each. They will be identical.

Hi @its-ogawa,

What version do you use?

Hi. @jughosta
Thanks for your reply.
The version is 8.6.2.

# curl -XGET http://localhost:9200
  ... snip ...
  "version" : {
    "number" : "8.6.2",
    ... snip ...

  "tagline" : "You Know, for Search"


Before changing the data view and sharing the link, do you open a saved search or start a new one?

What sharing option do you use?

I get distinct, different URLs that open to the views I expect. It seems that jughosta will be able to help you, though.

Thanks, Julia

Yes, I am. I open a saved search.
When I switch data views and create a shared URL, the URL link is still in the last saved data view.

Let me be more specific.---

  • I maintain two or more different servers (let's say, A, B)
  • I collect maillog from A, B using Filebeat
  • I customize the fields through Logstash filters before storing them in Elasticsearch
  • Kibana customizes the view to show only a part of the customized fields.
  • We display the maillog of A, give it a name (let's say, maillog view) with the view customized, and save it.
  • Next, when you switch data views and select B, the view remains the same and the B maillog is displayed.
  • Now, when I create a URL to share and access the URL, the A maillog is initially displayed (because I customized the view and saved it in the A state)
  • I believe it would be useful to have a direct access link to the B log as well!
  • I would like to send the view I have created to the person in charge of both A and B.

This issue with sharing modified saved searches was fixed in 8.9.

For earlier versions only creating separate saved searches would work.

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