Turn field into URL link


I need to turn a field into a URL link. This link should redirect to the "Discover" page with some filters.

What i did was put the Discover page with the filters that i needed and use the generated link from "Share" -> "Get Links" -> "Snapshot" and change the field to an URL use that link and change the value that i needed.

But now, after the update to the new version of elastic (8.13.3) the link generated from the "Discover" page does not contain fields:


How can i resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @nunex_17,

By "field" you mean you want it to be preselected as column in the table? Then you can select the necessary columns first and then generate the link. Or even save the view via "Save" button so you can reopen it later via "Open" button.

Otherwise, the current Discover page URL can be used instead of "Share" functionality. It's "readable" unless "state:storeInSessionStorage" Advanced Setting is enabled.

Hi @jughosta

Thank you for your help! I disabled "state:storeInSessionStorage" but the URL is still not readable...

I have some filters in the discover search that i need to be in the URL.


What about the URL in the browser bar? Is it readable?