Field value type saved as URL

Is it possible to save a fields value as a clickable URL value?
What i want to accomplish is for a certain index that holds information coming from certain sites to have a "project" field, that comes from a translate filter, with it's value being the perspective site/application url(no parameters or anything added).

I guess this should happen at mapping level but i don't see anything related to this kind of type on the docs

Of course i can see this being a security concern if someone could mess with the translate filters/yaml files but that's a chapter of it's own to talk about.

I remembered that on kibana you could format a String type to Url and that is what i did.
Created a template that uses https:// and used the {{rawValue}} after it.

This serves to create a clickable link to the desired projects as i needed.

Elasticsearch doesn't have a user interface, you will need to translate data that you get from elasticsearch before you display it on the web interface anyway. I think this layer is the best place to convert raw data into an url. As you noticed, this is the approach that we use in kibana. The only place in elasticsearch where you can modify data before indexing is Ingest Node but we don't have URL Encoding processor there, so you will have to do it in a script or write your own plugin.

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