Hyperlinked values

Hello , I am having some key value documents where the value are hyperlinked to external URLs , Is there a way to keep those hyperlinks active when bulked into elasticsearch?
Thank you

Can you explain what you mean with active in this context?

I am having data with links to external urls . I am asking how would it be possible for me to have these links clickable after being bulked into elasticsearch

where should those links be clickable? Do you refer to Kibana, if so, where within Kibana are you trying to have those links clickable? Elasticsearch is only the data storing component, but does not offer any UI to click on links.

I am integrating elasticsearch in a web interface , I'd like that these links would be clickable in this web interface what should I do so?

if you are integrating this in a web interface, than you can take the search response and use each field that is an URL in the _source and create a link out of that - that's however nothing where Elasticsearch can help you as this is a pure application implementation.

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