How to show a link in the discovery results?

I have multiple beats to publish data to Elasticsearch. The data between each beats are linked by an ID string.

On Discovery page, I can see each beat's data but to get the data of another beat with the same ID, I have to switch between different Index Pattern and limit the ID to filter out the results.

So, is it possible to show a link with ID in the url in the ID column so when I click it it can show a new search result based on the ID?

Also, since there are multiple beats, I need to show a summary of the results from them. Should I look at something inside Kibana which could consolidate them for me or should I write a new beat to generate such data by myself?


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Umm. I planned to post this to Kibana section but not sure why it is shown here.

Can anybody kindly move it there? Thanks.

@ray Moved it.

The only way to introduce a URL based on your data is a URL field formatter. Not sure it'll work for your use case, but have you already looked into that?

Thanks! I'll take a look at it.