Can I Ingest Excel (.xlsx) Files Of Multiple Sheets Into Elasticsearch?

I have a year's worth of Excel .xlsx files that are basically tabular reports manually updated by people.

1 file = 1 day worth of Occurrence Reports.

The data in here is not in typical csv format.

But its manually populated in tables that look like this. The table cells are offset from A1:1.

I have quite a few sheets within each day's .xlsx Files.

This kind of files can I ingest them into Elasticsearch for indexing? Am I forced to ingest into 1 index or can I seperate indexes?

I want the ingesting in such a way that I can still retain daily distinction of events across every sheet per .xlsx file. When I filter inside Kibana, i should be able to filter properly by Day.

Any help / suggestions on what I need to do?

Hello @Ethan777100,

It is better to export the file to a delimited CSV file, because then you can import this into Elasticsearch using the Integrations > Upload a file tool.

If you intend to keep editing the file, you'll have to create a new index each time. In this case, you can use Logstash or a custom script using to append the data from the file into an existing index.

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