Index xlsx files in Elasticsearch

(Aleksandr Tsulin) #1

Hi all,

I'm implementing utility that uses Elasticsearch database and should be able to index excel files with specified file sctructure.

For instance, I have file with 3 columns:
UserId FirstName LastName
1 Alex Smith
2 John Johnson

I use ingest attachment plugin and examples in elasticsearch documentation and it works perfectly. In result I can find any excel file in elasticsearch by, for instance, 'Alex' or 'John' query.

But I don't undestand how to find files by specified columns. For instance, I want to find excel files, that contains 'Alex' in column FirstName, or contains 'Johnson' in column LastName.

Any ideas?

(David Pilato) #2

You can't with this plugin as it just extracts flat text.

You may be need to export to CSV then create a Logstash or an ingest pipeline to parse the CSV content...

(andy_zhou) #3

logstash csv input and filter

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