Index xlsx files in Elasticsearch

Hi all,

I'm implementing utility that uses Elasticsearch database and should be able to index excel files with specified file sctructure.

For instance, I have file with 3 columns:
UserId FirstName LastName
1 Alex Smith
2 John Johnson

I use ingest attachment plugin and examples in elasticsearch documentation and it works perfectly. In result I can find any excel file in elasticsearch by, for instance, 'Alex' or 'John' query.

But I don't undestand how to find files by specified columns. For instance, I want to find excel files, that contains 'Alex' in column FirstName, or contains 'Johnson' in column LastName.

Any ideas?

You can't with this plugin as it just extracts flat text.

You may be need to export to CSV then create a Logstash or an ingest pipeline to parse the CSV content...

logstash csv input and filter

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