Can i inspect Visual Builder's request?

Hi. im using Kibana 6.4.1.

im using vega, and request including many aggregations

so, request is too slow.

but when i draw same graph via Visual Builder, very fast.

so i want to see Visual Builder's request format.

can i do this?

in my kibana, 'inspect' button in Visual Builder is inactivated now.

im using chrome, but i cant find request format in network's tab in developer mode.

i can find response data in chrome developer mode, and i guess this is not aggregation result.
and i think this is not elasticsearch's search api's response. (am i wrong??)

that is unfortunately not possible. visual builder would send the request to kibana backend where it would get processed and multiple requests to elasticsearch could be fired to produce the final output that is finally sent to the browser.

that's why there is no possibility to inspect the actual es requests at the moment.

thx for your response

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