Time series Visual request and response


For normal visual object, like pie chart, line chart etc, I could figure out what is the request(DSL) sent to the elastic search and what is the response. This is a very helpful feature.

For the new time series object in 5.4, I do not see any way of doing that. Could it be achieved in some way?

Is the time series visual based on timelion or just something new in 5.4?

time series visual builder has its own backend which will query ES, and might send multiple ES requests for one visual builder query. There is unfortunately no easy way to check the requests that were generated.

Is there a way to turn on some sort of logging? either the logging from kibana side or logging on ES side.

I do not mind to change the code to add logging for debug info myself, if someone could point me to the code where the the query is generated


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