[Discussion] Comparison between Visual Builder (Time Series), Line Chart and Timelion Chart

In Visualize Mode, Visual Builder (Time Series), Line Chart and Timelion Chart are available to the users for building time-series visualizations. As I am new to Kibana, I would like to welcome the community to share views and experiences working with these charts.


  • What is the difference between these chart types in terms of sophistication level of analytics and visual customization?

  • What is the determining factor for choosing one chart type over the others in the context of building time-series visualization?

Visual Builder (Time Series)

Tabs: Data, Panel Options, Annotations
Special Feature: can switch between 6 different visualization types

Line Chart

Tabs: Data, Metrics & Axes, Panel Settings
Special Feature: can filter query by Kibana Query Language (KQL) / Lucene, can inspect data

Timelion Chart

Tabs: Interval, Timelion Expression
Special Feature: inline documentation

In Canvas you can also use SQL queries;

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Oh wow, I'm going to try that out. Thanks for sharing.

Update: there are more charts over at Canvas too!

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