Can i install in elasticsearch and kibana both on same machine

I have 4 nodes cluster in elasticsearch ie. 2 master only nodes and 2 data only nodes and all nodes are installed in google cloud instance machine type is g1-small (1 vCPU, 1.7 GB memory) for all four nodes, now i have some question

  1. can i install kibana in same node/machine just say node-1 i.e master only node ?
  2. Is it really important to install java for elasticsearch ? because i didn't install java for any node but they still connected.

NOTE: however i tried to install kibana in the same machine/node-1( master only node) but it makes system very slow, even hitting any command is became hard for me.


  1. In general those are pretty small nodes / specs and I would definitely not recommend installing Kibana on the master node. How did you arrive at those node sizes?

  2. Elasticsearch comes with Open JDK bundled see here

Thanks for replying.
Well i am testing with elasticsearch and kibana that's why i choose small node size, so can you recommend what can i do with kibana should i create new machine/instance for kibana ?

Yes I would put it on its own gcp instance and configure Kibana to point at the 2 data nodes using

elasticsearch.hosts: [ "http://datanode1ip:9200" , "http://datanode2ip:9200" ]

See here

Ok thank you i will try this.

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