Can I make scripts I run in Kibana tools into Kibana objects

I can write REST, painless, etc. scripts using the Kibana tools (dev Tools) console. At least I can write REST searches. Is it possible to take these searches and make them into a Kibana object? Right now it only seems possible to take the very limited filter operations provided in the discover interface and make them objects.

When I edit the filter in the discovery interface and copy in my script from the dev Tools console, Kibana changes it and removes fields. How can I keep what I create in dev Tools console that does what I want it to do?

The "add a filter" dialog only supports filters/queries, not other parts of an Elasticsearch _search request (such as aggs, size, etc.).

The only way to turn a generic query into an "object" is to use a "custom visualization" (e.g. Vega):

Okay, now I know! Wondered if I was missing something when viewing the request code (could not find a 'save' option).

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