Can I move disk from node to another with data?

(Yossi Baruch) #1

hi, anyone knows what will happen if I wrote to a disk on node A, then node A fails, then I move the disk to another node B (new member of the cluster or existing member)...

will I be able to recover this data?

the 3 node cluster has no replicas, only primary shards

(Mark Walkom) #2

It could work (and I have seen it work), but we don't make guarantees that it will work.

(Yossi Baruch) #3

So to test this, start a 3 node cluster, through some data at it, kill a node, start a fresh node with pointing in other node data location, check logs?

Any other ideas?

Are there any docs about it? I wasn't able to find anything...

(Christian Dahlqvist) #4

It is not a supported or tested method, which would explain why it is not documented. I would recommend instead running with a replica configured as this would be a lot easier to manage sand less risky. This would also help against corruption due to disk failures, which moving disk does not.

(Yossi Baruch) #5

Ok, I'll put it all into consideration…

This is a cluster meant for searching logs, it's ok to lose some logs (I can always reload those using logstash)


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