Can I run elasticsearch completely in memory?

I have about 15TB of DRAM. Can I create RAMdisk of 1TB size and completely run elastic search in memory? My data is about 300GB. Thanks in advance


What is your plan to persist your data to survive a process kill, when running in. ramdisk?

Elasticsearch makes heavy use of the file system cache, so if you have data that rarely changes, it will be put into memory anyway by the operating system. As you have plenty of memory available, those 300gb would easily fit in there. That sounds like a good option to try out to me as well.


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Hi Alexander - Please take a look at
Running tests on behalf of a customer and see good performance with rally.

Interesting, never heard of that, so I cannot really comment on its behaviour. Running tests sounds like a good idea (especially killing the process and seeing how/if it does recover might be a good test).

Feel free to add some more information here, after you're done with testing - would be happy t oread it.

I am just getting familiarized with esrally. What are the key metrics I should look for in the esrally benchmark output? What are the performance indicators in the rally output?
Thanks in advance.

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